Technology Center

Technology Center

Technical Overview

Hefei Industrial Dust Removal Engineering Center is specialized in the study of the technologies in the industrial dust removal fields established by Hefei Found Technology Co., Ltd..

In September 2010, the center passed the experts demonstration; and in 2012, the center was formally established in 2012. The center consists of three laboratories, at present, there are 58 employees, and the director of the center is Wei Zhaofeng, the company's general manger.

Engineering Center according to the development needs of China's industrial dust, determined to expand research in high-temperature dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification dust integration, the new filter element development and application, research-based industrial enterprises in dust control technology, according to its own technology advantages and characteristics, and actively developing countries to join the cause of environmental protection, the initiative to undertake key technology research projects and scientific and technological achievements into the project type.

On the basis of gathering talents, the Engineering Center is proposed to recruit excellent talents and the director of the innovation team serves as the academic leader; a group of middle-aged academic backbones are introduced and cultivated to create a strong research team.

The Engineering Center has three laboratories: high temperature dust removal laboratory, new filter material laboratory, liquid-solid separation laboratory. It has over 50 sets of advanced equipments and instruments, including dry laser particle size tester, computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, reflection metalloscope, 10-meter bag test platform, high-temperature filtration test platform. The common test platform services include: measurement of dust-removal material filter resistance, wind speed, air flow, concentration of dust emissions, the inorganic material porosity, water absorption, bulk density, specific surface area, pore size distribution, composition analysis, etc..

The Engineering Center implements the Director Responsibility System; in accordance with the "open, flow, united, competitive" principles, the center implements a management mode of operation "simultaneous construction and openness". It aims to build a domestic high-level industrial dust removal Science and technology Research Center that is internationally compatible, to become an important base or organizing high-level basic research and applied basic research, gathering and nurturing outstanding scientists to carry out academic exchanges.