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Intelligent robots stationed in our company

Release time:2021-09-15

With the continuous increase of labor costs, the elimination of backward production capacity, and the implementation of advanced manufacturing technology policies, the company has promoted the transformation and upgrading of machines to meet the needs of first-line production.

In order to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition and meet higher production quality standards, our company introduces three international advanced intelligent robots, namely, the German Cruz gantry welding robot, intelligent automatic jigsaw machine, Panasonic intelligent welding. Robot.

The application of intelligent robot greatly meets the requirements of product quality and reliability, meets or exceeds the national welding technical standards, the genuine rate reaches 100%, meets the inspection-free standard, and the production efficiency is improved by 15-20 times, which reduces the production and after-sales service costs. Provides strong guarantee for product sales and enhances product reputation.

Recently, the reporter was informed that the German Cruz robots are leading the industry in the production of intelligent and high-quality engineering, which gives us a guarantee of confidence in intelligent applications!

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