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New year, new weather, new business

Release time:2021-09-15

The production of environmental protection enterprises for new look, the company's own characteristics determine, our business with the needs of development, the regional environment through the rectification can be brightened.

Who doesn't like beauty, employees who don't have a beautiful environment.

The factory leaders decided to rectify the company's appearance and let the company become a garden-like factory and become a beautiful landscape of the company. Through the rectification in the past two months, the roads in the plant area were fully refurbished with an asphalt pavement of 3.2 km. All are constructed according to city standards. More than 3,000 plants and flowers have been planted. The roadway and sidewalks are smooth and the flowers and trees are green. It has formed a new pattern of pedestrian and logistics cargo transshipment.

The production area of the workshop is divided into parts storage location, finished product location, semi-finished product location, clear location, unimpeded logistics, advanced track-type logistics channel, and the integration of workshops into a finished goods component delivery chain, greatly shortening the workers' Transportation time increases production efficiency. Let employees work in a harmonious environment and meet the needs of occupational safety and health.

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