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Fengde Technology Co., Ltd. 2015 Year-end Summary and 2016 Annual Plan Conference

Release time:2021-09-15

First of all, Chairman Wei Zhaofeng briefly explained the company's operation in 2015, and analyzed and introduced the operating environment faced by the company in 2016.

Then, the heads of the centers and departments reported on the achievement of the annual goals of the Center in 2015, the analysis of the differences in the annual plan, the main results and internal management, and elaborated the management objectives for 2016. While listening to reports from various departments, Wei Dong nodded and sometimes recorded, and the venue also sounded thunderous applause from time to time.

Finally, Chairman Wei gave a comprehensive summary of the work in 2015, gave a high degree of recognition to the achievements of the management, and analyzed the problems existing in each center and department, and proposed the company's 2016 Business objectives and job requirements. Wei Dong pointed out that 2016 is the “transition year” of Fengde Technology, the year of the company's five-year plan, and the key year for Fengde Technology to attack the city. In 2016, the company adjusted its organization, concentrated its superior resources, and comprehensively promoted it. New product.

In the year of Ruixue Zhaofeng, 2016 is a good year. I believe that all Fengde people will unite and work hard under the correct leadership of the board of directors with the chairman as the core, and will definitely create a brilliant future.

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