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FDGL Pulse Bag Filter for Thermal Power Plant

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FDGL Pulse Bag Filter for Thermal Power Plant

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The series of FDGL bag filter for thermal power station is designed on basis of our long term experience on designing and developing furnace bag filter and the thermal power station’s special condition. Compared with electric-static dust collector, FDGL bag filter has many advantages, such as: better efficiency, smaller in size, cheaper, low operating cost, offline dust cleaning,online or offline inspection, high automation, high temperature resistance filter media, etc. Take for the situations of heavy oil ignition, incomplete burned fuel,boiler tube explosion. The self inspection and control system are enhanced to ensure the equipment long term operation.

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The working process of the bin type pump is divided into 4 phases:
1. Feeding phase
When the feeding valve is opened, the materials fall in the pump body freely. When the rising materials in the pump body touch the level gage, the level gage gives out the full-material signal, and the feeding system is closed automatically to complete the feeding process.
2. Fluidifying and pressing phase
The air inlet valve is opened automatically, the compressed air enters the bottom of the pump body, and is diffused through the fluidized bed. With the full fluidization of the material, the gas inside the pump rises.
3. Conveying phase
When the pressure inside the pump reaches a certain value, the pressure sensor gives out a signal, the discharge valve is opened automatically, the materials on the fluidized bed are conveyed, the materials inside the pump decrease gradually. In this process, the materials on the fluidized bed are fluidized and conveyed simultaneously.
4. Blowing phase
When the materials inside the pump are conveyed completely, and the pressure drops to pipeline resistance, The indicator light gives out a signal. The air continues to be taken in for a given time. Compress the air, and clean the pipeline. And then close the air inlet valve at a regular interval, close the discharge valve, open the feeding valve and complete one conveying cycle.
The above processes are performed automatically.

Process Air Volume: 7~3,600,000m3/h,satisfy the needs of 600MW motor

Dusty Gas Temperature: Normal140~160℃,transient temperature

Emission Concentration: ≤30mg/Nm3

Equipment Resistance: ≤1500pa

Filter Bag Service Life: 2~4years

Filter Body Pressure Load: 5000~12000Pa

Dust Convey Method: Mechanical or air-operated 

  1 滤料    最常用的材料是pps(聚苯硫醚),这种滤料耐高温(180℃,短时200℃),耐酸,耐碱,耐湿热性能优良;耐溶性及耐磨性和过滤性能良好;很适合于锅炉烟气工况,抗氧性能较差是它主要的受限点和使用注意点。    2 性能优良的脉冲喷吹清灰    本公司经长期理论研究和实用检验,开发出一套专具特色的滤袋喷吹清灰系统,它主要由压缩空气调压过滤、气包、脉冲阀和喷吹管及电控系统组成。该系统特点在于结构简单、清灰效果好、耗气量低、滤袋寿命长喷吹有PLC控制,可用于调整脉冲密度和清灰日期;可实现手动、自动、定阻、定时浇灰制度的设定。    3 设备配设了气动的出口转板阀、入口截气阀、箱体热胀冷缩补偿,使本设备具有可靠的出口截气离线浇灰功能和直线检修功能

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