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FDP Plenum Pulse Bag House Filter

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FDP Plenum Pulse Bag House Filter

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The series of FDD Pulse Jet Bag Filter is a high efficiency and new generation product for bag filters developed by Hefei Found Technology Co. Ltd. On basis of absorbing global advanced technology.
The equipments combines the advantage of each chamber reverse blowing and pulse blowing at the same time. It dose not only overcome the lower dynamic power while reverse-flowing in each chamber, but also enlarge the application of the bag filter. FDP Plenum Pulse Bag Filter improves the dust collection rate, prolongs the filter bags service life, which allows the FDP plenum bag filter could be used to process the high-dust concentration gas of which the concentration is up to 1300g/Nm3. Due to which FDP plenum pulse bag filter has been widely used to equip with the OSepa powder selection machine, vertical roller mill. It becomes the best choice for cement, power plant, chemical industry, metallurgy and steel plant etc.

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FDP Plenum Pulse Jet Bag filter is divided into several chambers, and each chamber is equipped with a lifting valve driven by cylinder connected to the outlet air pipe. After the bag filter processes the dusty gas for a while (or the resistance reaches the preset value), the dust cleaning controller gives a signal. The lifting valve of the first chamber will shut down to cut off the airflow, then the pulse valve of this chamber starts working, and the compressed air( above 0.5MPa )pulses into the clean gas chamber to clean the dust on the filter bags. The whole process takes 5-15 seconds , after that the lifting valve reopens, the chamber will start over to collect the dusty gas. All chambers works in the same way one by one.

The pulse blowing width and dust cleaning period of each bag house is continuously controlled by dust cleaning controller to ensure the dust cleaning efficiency.
The whole filter body is designed to employ special inlet and outlet chief pipe structure. The hopper extends to the underneath of the main inlet pipes, when the dusty gas enters into the inlet pipes,due to gravity some heavy dust falls into hopper directly,we call the process pre-dust collection, which makes the horizontal straight pipes avoid being blocked.
Due to its special dust cleaning method ( pulse blowing, each chamber alternative reverse blowing and pre-dust collection ) ,the FDP Plenum pulse bag filter can deal with high concentrated dusty gas.
The larger diameter pulse valves (1 inch, 2 inch) are used in the bag filter for the reverse-blowing in each chamber, also the bags are easy to change from the top of the equipment. It’s very easy and convenient to do the maintain-ance.  

Model series of FDP64

Model series of FDP96--Parallel Type

Model series of FDP96--Parallel Type

Model series of FDP128--Parallel Type I

Model series of FDP128--Parallel Type II

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